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Cognitive Maps

This year’s 2019 MIND summer school will be on Cognitive Maps from 8/7/19-8/17-19. Cognitive maps are most commonly associated with the representation and navigation of physical space, but the concept of a map is more generally concerned with how experience is organized to form knowledge. Tantalizingly, it seems that the neural encoding of physical space may also underlie the organization of conceptual and social spaces. The 2019 MIND Computational Summer School will provide participants with tools to study what principles govern the learning, organization, and application of such maps, and to probe their neural underpinnings.


Luke Chang

Dartmouth College

Christian Doeller

Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Yaroslav Halchenko

Dartmouth College

Catherine Hartley

New York University

James Haxby

Dartmouth College

Jeremy Manning

Dartmouth College

Sam McKenzie

New York University

Meghan Meyer

Dartmouth College

Ida Momennejad

Columbia University

Carolyn Parkinson

University of California Los Angeles

Rajesh Ranganath

New York University

A. David Redish

University of Minnesota

Caroline Robertson

Dartmouth College

Daniela Schiller

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Kim Stachenfeld


Jeffrey Taube

Dartmouth College

Mark Thornton

Princeton University

Matthijs van der Meer

Dartmouth College

Thalia Wheatley

Dartmouth College

Robert Wilson

University of Arizona

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